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I’m playing tag on my blog, this is hilarious, Andrew tagged me. I answer these questions when i’m tagged. Now I tag Lewis, Darryl and Amanda.

How many books do I own?

Probably 100 or so and increasing.

What’s the last book I bought?

I just got back from Cornerstone and Relevant had a sale for 7.50 a book, so I couldn’t resist and I bought 8 of them.
The Naked Christian
Following Jesus
Coffee House Gospel
Christian Culture Survival Guide
Apocalypse Survival Guide.
Understanding God’s Will
The Relevant Church

Sure you can borrow them too if you want.

What’s the last book I read?

Just finished Real Sex by Lauren Winner. Probably the only book that I’ve read that I would recommend to anyone about sex from the Christian perspective.

What are the five books that mean the most to me?

1. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis – the book that got me into reading and still challenges me to this day
2. Oswald Chambers – Utmost for his highest – he’s just so smart, an awesome devotional
3. Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What by donald miller – a witty writer and I feel like I can connect with him on so man levels.
4. All Brian McLaren books – I consider him my mentor, even though I’ve only met him and talked to him twice I have never read someone who connects with me and challenges me the way he does. Not that I agree with everything he says, but I do love it and how humble he is. He also has a gift of putting my thoughts and struggles into words and writing books about it.
5. The Bible – I can’t get enough of God’s story throughout history.

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