Here is a little thing I wrote to give some context in why we would run a conference like this in the first place.

Update: This conference happened and it was a great time! You can listen to all the talks here.

A response from someone who actually attended the conference.

All the talks from Act Like Men?

A Prayer that we read together.

OK. So we are going to need some participation on this one for us to make it happen, but here is the idea.

There is a conference coming up that is coming to Hamilton called Act Like Men featuring Driscoll, Macdonald and a bunch of other dudes. Without needing to get into all the reasons why we have an issue with this, this is what we are thinking.

Let’s run a conference, in the same city, on the same day, make it pay what you want to come to and have speakers present for free. The idea is to call it Don’t Act Like Men (which we have bought the domain for and will develop it if this becomes reality) and make it a conference that aims to discourage gender stereotyping and encourage acting more like Jesus. I picture a lot of women presenting at this conference and a lot of good stories being told.

To pull something like this off, I would say we would need a minimum of 100 people or so that would commit to either the 4th or 5th and to showing up or presenting. It would be great if some well known speakers (especially on this issue) volunteered to come and speak as well. If we could get someone to donate a place to meet that would help immensely. The other piece, which I think would make a big impact is if this was shared with as many people as possible so that more have an opportunity to help make this conference happen in a grassroots kind of way.

So there is a few ways I think you can be involved if you think we can do this.

1. Volunteer to give a fifteen minute presentation (e-mail me at [email protected])

2. Commit to showing up and if you can, making a donation to the expenses that will occur.

3. Run your own Don’t Act Like Men Conference where you are and we’ll put up all your details on the website.

4. Share this on your social media outlets and get the word out to as many people as possible.

So, if you can fill out the form below that will help us gauge the level of interest in making this happen and we’ll go from there.

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