Think about it.

Smart Decision #1
World Vision makes a decision to be more in line with the gospel by removing the barriers of employment of their organization. This decision basically said they recognize that you could be a Christian and gay and still get hired. Typical human rights stuff. Typical Jesus stuff. By the sounds of the article I linked to here this was a huge PR move, thought out and explained thoroughly by their board and president. They wanted to open up their market and they realized that there was tons of Christians that are empathetic to or part of the LGBTQ movement. So this was a smart move to expand their reach to what they could still in good faith call Christians.

Smart Decision #2
Smart Decision #1 caused massive backlash of Jesus haters to withdraw their support and caused them to reverse their decision. Which I think was a smart move for a business. World Vision by reversing their decision essentially was just being true to who they are. They are a corporation like any corporation, with a product to sell and a customer to make happy. World Vision realized that the amount of money they would lose by Jesus haters would be more than they would gain by LGBTQ supporters. So to keep their revenue flowing they quickly reversed their decision. This is smart. They will be able to keep employing lots of Americans, keep their product free from blemish of the gay agenda and keep their rank as one of the top charities in America. Plus World Vision knows that the LGBTQ supporters aren’t as shallow, hateful and corrupt as the Christians are – so they know that they probably aren’t going to lose their support regardless of whatever statement they make, so it makes way more sense to reverse it. So if the goal is for World Vision to grow strong – this is the way to do it. They take advantage of the patience and courage of the LGBTQ community and appease the hate of the Christian community.

World Vision has one goal in mind – keep on existing and grow as strong and big as possible. Everyone will have different motivation as to why they want it to keep existing. Maybe for their own employment, maybe for the poor people, maybe for the tax receipt. But they need to grow – not shrink. So their decisions simply reflected what they care about – growth. I’m not sure why any of us are surprised by either decision, that’s what the CEO gets paid 180k a year for, to make the hard decisions that are going to keep the money flowing.

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