On Being Safe

I have realized that I have gone through much of my life not being a safe person for many people.

I remember the first time I realized this about myself.  I had family visiting from out of town.  It was …
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A Thanksgiving Prayer

[Picture is one I took in Iceland, it was an unforgettable moment of gratitude and awe that has never left.]

Each morning the sun rises
We are overwhelmed with what lies ahead
We are anxious about what’s left to be …
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The Spectrum of Meaning

Last night I found myself in a fascinating conversation with friends about the differences between us.  It started when they were explaining the romantic notion of a book/story like Into the Wild, or Johnny Cash.  Two of them were trying …
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On Sharing Convictions

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the idea of why we share convictions. With my evangelical background, it is very natural for me to want to tell everyone the things that I am convicted about.  I’ve been questioning that natural feeling …
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