Election Day

Today is a day that will change history. Every four years Americans hand in their ballots and pray that the next president will be the one they hold dear. It’s really been the only race that I have watched before, and it’s been really intresting. Frankly, I think that if we all just vote Ralph Nader, then the world would be a better place.
There was a good article on relevant today about the election, here is a link to it

Relevant Article: Will God Win the Election

It was intresting also, on how the church is reacting to this. I’ve only been to one church, really one service since the election has really taken flight and let me tell you I wasn’t impressed. The speaker actually said that if Kerry gets elected, he could be the precursor to the antichrist. Because he “really beleives that we are living in the last days” (a statement i never understood because we’ve been living in the last days since Jesus returned to heaven). Then you read evangelist comments such as Jerry Falwell who tell Christians what they need to do and how to be a “responsible Christian” or Pat Robertson who prophesies about the election (which by the looks to me, he is WAY off from that, you know in OT days we get to stone people who give false prophesies.

To be honest, i don’t care who wins. Bush seems like a nice guy though. They both stand for issues that Christians are against and they both stand side by side with Christians on certain issues. Frankly, either way, they are still electing a sinner. Read the article on Relevant, that’s my thoughts, i loved it.

This whole situation kind of reminds me of Darryl’s article that he wrote for the next issue of Canon 25

Controlling the Hellbound Hand-basket by Darryl Silvestri

Read it and take it in, its great truth.

Well, i must be leaving because its 2:23 Wed morning, and i’m waking up at 5:30 to fly out to Halifax.

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