Flying brings perspective

It’s 8 in the morning, the clouds are somewhat scattered throughout the skies. The clouds are amazing, the way they just float there. Five minutes ago, I was even with the clouds, soaring above civilization. I’m about 32, 000 feet in the air over Lake Ontario right now and I can’t help but to bask in the wonder that I see outside my window. The sun is brighter up here, and the world takes on a new perspective. Everyone is scrambling to get to work, to do the next thing and I feel oblivious to it all.

I’m sitting beside two men who have done nothing but fool around with their technology and pick up on the stewardess. I tried to scam the empty comfort seats, but I was quickly told that those seats were not for me. Cinematic by Cool Hand Luke is on repeat in my headphones. Turbulence shakes my keyboard around and I’m left here alone to think about life.

Below me the election polls are still being figured out. The Christians are probably on their knees praying that Kerry is left out to dry with Bush soaking in an all-to-close victory again. My theology book is giving leverage to my keyboard with my Martha Stewart pillow snugged tight against my legs. How is it that when I’m up here, everything is so different?

Outside the window next to me lies some of the most beautiful sites I have ever laid my eyes on. The clouds hover over the masses of water and there are no manmade conceptions in sight. I love it up here. Down there my problems are numerous, my essay is due and there are meetings to attend. Here I am served by a lady with a green turtleneck with a black leather coat. I have no responsibility but to pop open the emergency door if need be (I sit here because you get more leg room).

I find it strange that I can be up here and feel so much closer to God physically. As if God is up here. Maybe it’s simply the rush of knowing I’m going to a different city then what I’m used to, maybe this is where God likes to meet me. Either way, there is something different about being here.

Sometimes this is the only place I can come to get an objective view on life. No one is here with me; I feel like I can take a step out of everything and look in. When I do that, everything is so small. Being here makes me realize how small I am; how little my problems and situations affect the world. My eyes wander at the wondrous sun, the sun that was created on that third (?) day. How marvelous is the creation that sits right outside my window. How wonderful it is to see God’s creation be the only thing in sight.

As I close the window, so I can take a nap all to needed I am humbled that a God who made what’s out there created me. To even have the privilege to experience that wonder is amazing. So as I step out of my problems for the hour and thirty two minute flight may I be reminded that the God that made that out there, is here with me. Even when I land back into life, that same God is walking with me, and carrying me when I can’t walk on my own.

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