Revelations from my Illness (aight, not really a revelation, more like rambling and complaining)

Being sick sucks. I’m sitting here at 2am in the morning, with a piece of toilet paper stuck up my nose (something that I inherited from my dad that works so well but makes my mother really angry), a scratchy throat that irritates the heck out of me, a headache that makes me wonder how I can sit here to concentrate, a sore neck from a pinched nerve and a sore back from getting simply hammered in floor hockey. I got a good few hours of sleep in my two classes today, and I got another 4 hours on my bed after skipping my favourite class. I’m just finishing up my third litre of water today and I’ve downed at least six different kinds of medicine and a good helping of some chicken soup.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time. I have five 10 page papers due all within one week in two weeks. I have to get the second issue of Canon 25 out before exams. Hormonal relationship issues are flying around like the Jetsons and I’m pour. Hockey just finished, but not without some good injuries. Volleyball tournaments are coming quick and take up my weekends. I think God does this on purpose. He just gave me three weekends off. I got to go to Sarnia, then Halifax and then up to Muskoka too simply relax. Something I don’t do enough of. SO when it finally gets time to buckle down and get some work done, I’m sick. Instead of actually doing my work I find myself complaining on this blog about how I’m too sick to do it.

Just when I think I’m over my head and I have too much to do, God steps in and makes it even more impossible. I like when he does that. It teaches me a lot. It teaches me that I can’t do it on my own whether I’m sick or not. It teaches me that I’m human and I need to depend on God for everything, including my health, finances and accomplishments. I think I’m going to keep this short, and go to bed. When it is all said and done I know that I will have passed my classes, gotten Canon 25 out, played in my tournaments and done everything else I committed to do. Only on God’s strength though. Thanks God for teaching me.

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