Expanding on my Idea of the Truth

I just received an e-mail from one I greatly respect that was concerned about a entry I posted a few days back. It’s called “My Idea of the Truth.” If you haven’t read it, then you won’t care about this entry, but if you have this will make sense.

I just want to make it clear that in no way or no how was I attempting to insult or put down the pastor in the article. Because I disagree with his statements and what he said does in no way mean that I am against him or what he is doing. The entire purpose of the entry was to point out my own failure to look beyond his words. If the entry was read in its entirety then I think that would be self-explanatory, but I still need to make sure I don’t leave any loose ends.

I was simply pointing out my failure to question my motives when I attacked what was said from the pulpit. The point was not to attack what was said, but to attack how I attacked it in the first place. My approach to dealing with how I disagreed with the statement was all wrong. It was prideful, arrogant and unexamined. Please don’t take these entries as mocking others, it was not the intent.

I disagree, agree, then disagree and then agree with a lot of theological issues at a lot of different times. I change my mind constantly and I am always struggling through so many ideas. If I say I agree with one thing one day, chances are I can be convinced to believe the other way a few days later. I take whatever I hear and match it up against scripture and experience and so should you, in all cases.

This also gives me an opportunity to leave open to everyone that reads this the chance to comment on everything I write. By no means do I claim to have it all together, and even more claim that what I say on here is absolute truth. Everything I write deserves to be taken apart and held up against the absolute truth. So please don’t hesitate to comment or send me an e-mail if anything I say doesn’t sit right with you. Peace and love.

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