Failing at the Impossible

“Those who never attempt the impossible will never discover the full potential of the possible”

The other day Jon, Darryl and I thought we would have a little fun so we took my new camera and took shots of us pretending to do crazy skateboard pictures. I must admit, some of them look pretty real. It makes me wonder first of all how many pictures are maybe frauds in those magazines and second I wonder if I can get in one of those magazines. Anyway I made a little advertisement for the site (you can check it out on the “my designs” section in pictures) and I wanted to put a good quote in there. I looked around and decided to make up my own instead. Up there is my final result.

A lot of people are driven by their fear of failure. Failure is seemed as a negative thing. If you fail, you have let yourself and others down. I think this whole concept of failure is wrong and completely discouraging to a lot of people. People need to fail. Without failure there is only success; we all know where that could lead. Failure teaches people. Failure humbles and breaks people. For the most part failure is the only thing that can bring us to where we need to be. Because of this fear of failure, people only attempt and go for what they know they can 100% get. This is lazy, boring and unadventurous.

Attempt the impossible. Go for things that are so far beyond your reach that people laugh at you when you try. All the greatest performers and greatest achievers in life never thought they would get as far as they did. The only reason they got there was because they went for the stars.

Go for things beyond your grasp. Reach further than you can dream. Go beyond the expectations of others and yourself. Realize that the only way you can ever maximize your potential is to reach for what is beyond it. Failure is good. Use it for your benefit, not for your downfall. Embrace failure when it happens, but until then push hard for the impossible.

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