Evangelicals on Larry King Live

Thought this might be interesting.
Bryan McLaren, T.D. Jakes, The Lahayes (Tim and Beverly, you know the Left Behind series) and Franklin Graham were on Larry King live the other night.

This is the transcript. It was really interesting, I just love McLaren even more after watching this, i was impressed a lot with Jakes too. The others on the other hand, made me frustrated.



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  1. Hey hey hey.
    I must say that I only enjoyed McLaren on CNN. I really have even more respect for him. It’s too bad he didn’t get asked more question. Instead Larry tended to focus on Frankenstein/Rapture boy and his wife (LaHaye and Co.).
    What really upset me is first how dumb LaHaye was. I know that’s critical/judgmental but he was asked basic questions re: church state that he and his wife floundered embarassingly. They should have known or they should have never accepted the invitation.
    I really wasn’t impressed with Franklin Graham either. It seemed like every opportunity he got, he took it to preach the gospel. He did this in completely irrelevant contexts. I don’t think he advanced the discussion at all which is sad. It was evangelical pietism at its best.
    TD Jakes was good too. But apparently he’s a heretic. I’m not so sure about that, but anyways he’s a pretty smart heretic who apparently likes return trips at buffet restaurants.
    Nathan – thanks for the link. Hey and when is Darryl going to start posting on his blog?

    The Brooks

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