Price Tags and Validation

Money is one of those things that everyone says is evil, yet everyone always wants more and more of it. I’ve never really understood why I was always drawn to it. Well, maybe I did. It got me stuff. It got me new clothes; new gadgets especially. It got me gas for my car so I could drive around with my friends and go on dates. It got me a place to stay in Toronto and paid for me to go to school. Money gets me stuff. Money is value measured by paper and numbers.

For everything I own, there is a certain value placed on that by money. My computer is worth a few thousand. My car was worth a few dollars. My lasagna in the freezer is worth about ten bucks. Even the boxers I’m wearing now has a price tag. Money equals value. Typically this value is placed on things, which is fine; we need money to keep us organized. The problem comes for all of us when we start to transfer that value to ourselves. If we have lots of stuff, we think then we have lots of value. If we have a nice car we feel good about ourselves because a nice car has lots of value and we have the car so that means we have lots of value. Do you see where this is going? I feel much more valuable driving a new convertible than I do driving my 19080 Honda Accord.

How demeaning is this for us humans? We give and take away our value of ourselves by our bank accounts and possessions. Most of us think and live like we are nothing more or nothing less than what we have. We were not created to have a price tag that is only measured by a bank balance. Our value comes from God. We were created in the image of Him and are meant to reflect his glory. Only by being who we were made to be will we ever fulfill this never-ending desire to feel valued. Most of us try to fill our longing for value with these things that have price tags and can be bought at the store. It won’t work though, that value can’t be transferred over to us with any real meaning.

Things are great. Technology is good. Nice cars are nice. Forty-eight different pairs of shoes are creative. Education is smart. However, if we try to reap any value for ourselves out of these things, we are trying to transfer the value of money things to give value to ourselves which never lasts longer than the night. When you are validated by God, then and only then will you stop seeking a price tag to be stapled to your shoulder to show everyone and yourself how much you are worth and you can rest in assurance knowing that you are valuable and you don’t need all these things to prove that to you or others.

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  1. Wow… Nathan.. Thats something i probably didnt want to read but kept on going cause it was hitting me hard. I came across you blog through mandy’s site. I’m not sure if you know me or not. Anyway, This is a tough realization for alot of us. I always thought of myself as somone who doesnt treasure my money and I always try to use it for good. Yet… I never thought that maybe I still used it to value myself. And I totally do. Thanx for the insight, man. Thats something I gotta work on. It’s not about hording it and being selfish (another topic)… but how we use it to value ourselves… Only God can value us. And thats so much more than money or anything bought with money could do!
    Bless ya man,

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