Yes to a No Sign

As we were driving toward Halifax all night last night, I forced myself to think about anything possible that would somehow keep my mind active so I wouldn’t dose off and kill Darryl, Trevor and I. I would listen to sermons and music and stick my head out the window and scream and talk and do anything I could to keep my eyes open. Once I started driving through New Bruswick I started to realize how many No U-Turn Signs there were. There is roads between the high way that serve for cops to hid in to radar you down for going to fast, I’m pretty sure that’s the only purpose they serve. It’s possible it might be helpful for emergency vehicles also.

On our way to Cornerstone we missed our exit so we needed to turn around on the highway. So all five of us in the car all had our eyes peeled for exactly that, a No U-Turn sign. For no other reason than to do a U-Turn to turn around and start going the other way. I found it interesting that the markers we were looking for to point us in the right direction were markers that told us we couldn’t even go in that direction.

On the ride up here to Halifax I was listening to a sermon by Rob Bell, and he told two different stories. One was in Luke 9 when the disciples come up to Jesus and tell him that hey saw someone casting demons out in his name and tried to stop him, but to no avail. Jesus simply told them that if someone is not against Him then they are for him. The second story was in Numbers 11 when God told all the elders to meet at the Tent. God’s Spirit rested on them and they prophesied, but there were also two men that didn’t go to the Tent and started prophesying in the camp. Joshua freaked out and ran and told Moses what was going on. Moses just said that he wishes all people were doing that.

These two stories really made me think in the last bit. It shows me that God usually works outside of any form or thinking that we have already come up with. If God uses a homosexual to lead him to Jesus, that would be hard for some to swallow, but I think it’s amazing how God moves and does whatever he wants. Sometimes its in the very thing that we are convinced God won’t move in will we see him move. Sometimes when we have placed denominational No-U-Turn signs up, or relational no-U-Turn signs up or even enraged or bitter or hurt no-U-Turn signs up God is telling us that it is those signs that are going to point us back in the right direction.

I’m not saying break the law. I’m saying that usually God’s law is different and the things that we thought were so bad or so wrong for long periods of time are now being used to draw and lead others to Christ. We can never be so ignorant to leave it to God to use anything (the wind blows wherever it wants, John 3:8) to accomplish his purposes. Why have we limited him to simply only the Bible, or only Christians or only ministries. I think a lot of us are going to get a wake-up call soon as we start to realize God has been working through the most unlikely of things AND people. I just hope we won’t act the same way as the disciples and try to stop them but instead realize that there is probably more people on our side than we thought.

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  1. You know Nathan, if I knew a sermon story was going to come out of me getting lost on the way to Corner Stone, I would have used that as my excuse for not going the right way.

    And also to comment on the story. Money – simply put. I think about the girl we are helping right now from the Annex and I come to realize that its her that God is using to teach me, Ralph, Beth and Dan new things about the God we serve.

    Call it un-biblical to learn about God from places other than the good book, pulpit or pastors but I am enjoying this lesson He is showing us.

    Have a great time and I am going to enjoy house sitting your place this week. I promise I wont have too many parties.

    Peace and Love

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