Tell No One

I think it is in the book of Mark, when Jesus performs miracle after miracle and then he tells the person to go and tell no one. I find this strange. It seems that Jesus may have been doing these miracles for a bigger reason than to just letting people know he is God. It also seems that Jesus didn’t feel the need to tell everyone how powerful, good or nice he was. He didn’t find a need to have a testimony time to tell everyone what great things God has done. He didn’t start up a TV show and have callers come and tell of the great miracle, or sell special cloths that will heal millions more. He didn’t take up an offering after to cover his ministry expenses.

He simply said go and tell one. This means that sometimes Christ healed people not for popularity, money, fame, riches, exposure or an ego but simply to heal people. Maybe he saw a sickness and felt compassion and healed them because they were sick. I love Christ’s pure motives. I hope that mine can one day be as pure as his.

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