Quantity over Quality

MSN Messenger seems to be the new craze. Well not exactly new to me, I’ve always been on it, but in the world it’s new in the last decade or so. The more I experience this MSN life the more I realize what a direct product it is of our culture.

Over the past fifty to a hundred years we have seen a change in our culture to a machine called consumerism. We’ve seen people want to get as much as they can in as little time as possible. We live in a time of instant gratification which as much possible. We’ve lost site of quality and latched on to quality. This can be seen in our churches also. We are more concerned with filling up heaven with people then we are of making good disciples here on earth. As long as we get them to say a thirty second prayer and we can check of our newcomer tag as one more saved, we are all smiles. We have poured all our focus on evangelism and forgotten the call to discipleship.

It’s kinda like MSN. In real life, we go out with a few friends, maybe even a big group and we participate in an activity together. We have group conversations and enjoy one another’s company. We do not have fifteen conversations at once. We do not throw up fake emoticons to express our emotions. We do not click block and never have to deal with them again. Not that I think MSN is bad. I don’t. I use it everyday. But can’t we see how our culture has formed this. Why have one meaningful conversation with a friend over coffee when we can have fifteen shallow ones in the comfort of our own homes? MSN is easier. MSN is quantity over quality. MSN like everything in life, if used improperly, can make you unable to see the awesomeness of real deep entangling relationships.

It’s amazing how culture can dictate almost everything we do. God never called us to desire quantity. It’s always been about quality. It’s never been about how much we put in the offering plate, but the sacrifice we are making. It’s never been about how long we can read the bible, but about how well we get to know Christ through it. If we just rush through our devotions to feel good about doing it, well its just another product of our quantity over quality culture. We need to fight against these fads in every area of our lived. MSN probably isn’t even a big one for you, but I’m sure you can see somehow how this mindset has seeped into your lifestyle and thought process. Remove it and seek God to teach us to love quality, not just quantity.

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  • Its never been about how long we can read the bible, but about how well we get to know Christ through it.

    Amen! Help us Lord.

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