September is Over

My roomate Nathan Shurr is funny.

He says “September is over, someone should go wake up Green Day.”

That’s humour at its finest.

3 thoughts on “September is Over”

  1. Hi, this is Nathan Shurr. Just reading your comment that is obviously a jab at me and a blatent attempt to make me feel unorignial. Congratulations. I do have a few comments in regard to what was written by you. First of all, there is more than one person on the radio. “The guy” does not really specifiy who said this as there are many people that speak over the airwaves that we call radio. Secondly, the emphasis that was put on the word “that”. I mean I can understand if the word “isn’t” was placed in caplocks as it was show that you really felt I was truly not that clever, but to emphasize the word “that” does not make sense. Thirdly there is the chance that the guy on the radio may have heard my comment or read some of my material that contained the phrase “September is over, somebody wake up Green Day”. All of this to say that I felt this comment was an very tasteless and was an uneduacted rip on someone that was not needed.

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