Just a Little Thumb Drive

So after staying up till 8:00am this morning and seeing Darryl off to see his girlfriend and Jon off to work, I decided to get a few hours of sleep in before I had to be at a few appointments.

I did what i had to do and got back to work on my computer, because it is messed up, or at least so i thought. In the last 24 hours I reformatted twice, installed Windows 3 times and went through the gruelling process of getting back to normal (WITHOUT ALL MY IMPORTANT FILES) a few times. About 20 minutes ago, THE SAME ERROR came up on my screen.

Here is the kicker, I was so angry that error came out that all of sudden i had a revelation. I grabbed the little thumb drive that I had just re-inserted into my computer and I took it out. My computer worked seamlessly.

All along. EVERY PROBLEM THAT I HAD was caused by my thumb drive being plugged into my computer. That’s it. I won’t go into the technical explanation of why it did what it did. But the around fifteen hours of work that I have put into my computer, all the lost files, lack of sleep and stress was because of a little thumb drive that could have been solved in one second.

Crazy how something so little can cause such drastic ramifications when we don’t see the whole picture. We act without thinking, trying anything to fix the problem, and in the process we only make things worse. Could it be that sometimes God just wants us to stop trying to fix the problems in our lives all the time and just start living life in the midst of them. Maybe the problem can be fixed so simply if only we just wait on God. Maybe he doesn’t want it to be fixed.

I can’t beleive that I just wasted my entire last two days on a thumb drive (thanks Ron for that gift by the way, I wish you never would have given it to me).

7 thoughts on “Just a Little Thumb Drive”

  1. I’ve had the problem with the thumb drive before. It reset my computer whenever I plugged it in. Contrary to your situation, reformatting did solve everything.

  2. This reminds me when I couldn’t install a certain driver for a card of some sort. I got really angry until I realised that I forgot to put the driver cd inside the computer.

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