1 Year Evaluation

Here are the reasons I listed on my first post of why i was creating this blog, let’s see how I’m doing. I figure its good to re-evaluate after a year of being online, to see where i can improve, if i need to add anything or take anything away.

1. For fun, and to build something for myself and not just other people.
I would say that this is a lot of fun for me and keeps me learning when i’m not helping others

2. Keep my resources organized
I haven’t been doing very good at this, I have no quotes online, no article collection, not a very large link collection or anything, this is something I am going to try to improve on in the future.

3. Info for other people on my life.
After probably my second post I realized the last thing I want to do is create a journal for everyone to read about my life, so it has not been that. So people that want to know about things that are going on might get a slight picture from this, but will usually e-mail me or call me or vice versa.

4. A portfolio
I’m trying to keep my writing kept updated which i’ve been doing a good job off, but graphics have been poor, they are out-of-date and something i need to improve on and will.

5. Communication zone for friends
I realized that msn is that, and shouldn’t be my website.

6. Tyndale notes
I got a letter from the dean of students, and one from the head of seminary and college requesting that I don’t host an archive of Tyndale notes, so I thought I wouldn’t start anything and concur.

7. Educated and accountable
This has probably been the best for me on this site. As i struggle through concepts and ideas and theology and my readings I can post my thoughts and questions on here. There are awesome people like Ollie, Ron, Jon, Tom and Andrew and lots others that post hard questions and challenge me a lot and keep me pushing forward. This is where I think that i like the website the most because it keeps me growing.

So after all that, I want to keep my blog going the strongest. I find that its helping a lot of people engage in conversation that they can’t always get at home in their home church or with their Christian friends, and its helping me for the same reasons. It’s allowing me to try and be creative but at the same time be raw and honest, something I need to continually try to improve on.

I’m going to try and make this site more resourceful, putting all my links for everyone to see and access, with lots of articles and books recomendations, and i want to keep it sorted by topic to help me in the future and anyone else that might stumble across this site.

What do you guys think? Anything i can improve on? Remove all together? Keep the same?

My favourite part of this site is the community that seems to be built, listening to conversation or getting e-mails from someone that read my latest post is the most encouraging thing ever to see and receive. So thank-you to everyone for staying in touch and challenging me to know and understand our Saviour and God better and I hope I have done the same.

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  1. Puncuation… Everything has a spell check or a grammar check, why can’t you and Darryl figure out how to use them???


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