Chronicles of a Little Girl

I went and saw Chronicles of Narnia tonight, without Rachel, she wasn’t too happy, but such is life. It was a very well done movie; I enjoyed it a lot. There was one thing that stuck out more than anything else through the entire movie. There is no way I could go and watch the most spiritually based movie of the decade without writing a post about it. It was more of a person that stood out through the entire movie.

It was the little girl. Her name was Lucy. I followed her character closely because from the beginning I was drawn to everything about her because she resembled so much of what I saw in new Christians. The entire plot was based on this little girl’s curiosity. It brought them to the wardrobe and it brought her family to journey with her on something that would soon be unforgettable. Even though no one believed her at first, she was determined to continue on in the experience. Through the entire movie while her older sister was logically trying to figure everything out, her brother was betraying her while the other one was worried about safety you see Lucy just wanting to continue on in what she started. She was innocent. She wasn’t afraid of something weird or new. She was the first to forgive. She was the first to trust. She was the first to completely lay herself vulnerable.

This movie really helped me grasp why Christ said we are to be like little children. I am convinced that there is something so precious that we can learn from them that we seem to grow out of and count as childish. We get too smart, and things don’t make sense so we refuse to budge anymore. Or maybe we want to be in control, or keep everything safe around us. Maybe we trade everything in for a quick fix. It amazes me that this child was able to capture more qualities of Christ than I ever would be able to in a lifetime.

Sometimes I think we’ve made the Christian life all too intricate. I think it’s simpler, but we aren’t simple any more, we are much more complicated. Maybe we need to uncomplicate our lives a bit. We need to remove all these barriers that convince ourselves that childishness needs to go or that we have moved past it and maybe let the children around us teach us these beautiful qualities that for some reason we have forgotten.

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