A Challenge

I’ve been challenged by my friend Amanda Maurice to “to take a break from the Seriousness about church planting and engage the joke.” I cannot turn down a challenge. This blog can’t be all that serious. So I’ve been taggged. I need to state five weird habits of myself and then pass this on to others who must do the same. So here we go. Brace yourself.

1. I have a unibrow. To get rid of it I use nail clippers to cut it off because I’m now afraid of waxing of any sort, my mom freaked me out when she tried electrolysis on me and plucking is too painful for the rewards.

2. I rip apart the skin all around my nails when I’m in conversation with people or in front of people or bored. In other words I am always picking at it and the skin is scarred and on any given day you can usually find blood.

3. When I feel like I’m going to get sick or I am sick I pop so many viatmins wherever I can find them. Most of the time I’m not sick the next day so I’ve never stopped.

4. I don’t use shampoo anymore unless its my last resort. I use a bar of soap.

5. I only wash my clothes about one every two-three weeks because I have enough underwear to last me that long.

3 thoughts on “A Challenge”

  1. eeeeewww nathan…you’re wierd!

    …just so you dont get me wrong – i enjoy the seriousness of all this. i was just being facetious. :)

    enjoy your weekend.

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