To Vote or Not to Vote

I decided not to post something about this until the elections were finished. But out of curiosity. Did you vote? Why? or Why not?

4 thoughts on “To Vote or Not to Vote”

  1. I voted. I firmly believe we have a responsibility to take part in the process.
    If you don’t vote then you have NO right whatsoever to complain about how things are.
    I believe I heard that about 65 percent of eligible voters voted in this election. I find it hard to believe the other 35 percent were too busy to vote especially since they had the option to vote early if we had something else to do on Monday.

  2. this year i decided to vote. for the previous couple of elections i didn’t end up voting, because i didn’t spend the time to educate myself on the issues and positions of each candidate/party. obviously, it was my fault, but i don’t believe in blindly voting for the party that all the other Christians are telling me to vote for because of their stance on same-sex marriage, or whatever. so this year, i took the time to read the positions on each of the parties and was able to cast an educated vote.

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