Witnessing On The Way To Florida

I’m in Florida now. It’s beautiful. Rachel and I got to come here for a week and relax at my grandparents house. We spent almost 9 hours traveling yesterday and our luggage got lost somewhere along the way. It’s supposed to show up within the next few hours, so I’ll look forward to seeing that show up. I’ve been wearing these jeans for too long and its really not something I like doing when I’m in the beautiful weather of Florida.

We were getting off a plane yesterday and eavesdropping on a conversation of a few people behind us. There were two guys, probably late teens early twenties and they were talking to a few other people in the seats behind them. I heard something about ‘Liberty’ so I was aroused by the conversation (a Christian university in the States). Then I heard one of the guys ask the people behind them if they ‘read books’ and then proceeded to ask them ‘what they read.’ As soon as I heard that I looked at Rachel and I said ‘they are trying to witness.’

I’m not sure why I thought that or anything, I could just feel it. Sure enough we heard the progression of conversation lead by these two young zealots asking them if they heard of C.S. Lewis and then asking them if they read Mere Christianity. Then they would say that it was an amazing book (which it is, still one of my favourites) because he proves God’s existence without using the bible. Then he goes on to ask them if they have read the bible and encouraging them they should because it’s a great book. I was right, we were listening in on witnessing.

I laughed to Rachel because its so predictable now. I knew they were going to witness because they asked them if they read. I probably knew it because I used to be that way. I used to think every conversation I had to drop God or Jesus or saved from hell language to be successful in my job as a Christian. Anyway, I just wanted to share my little moment. Now I’m relaxing, and reading and Rachel just came in here and I think that was the middle finger she gave me because I’m blogging so I better get off.

7 thoughts on “Witnessing On The Way To Florida”

  1. i am a little hurt that you would laugh at someones attempts to be at the business of their father. all our attempts are, in so many ways humiliating. its the foolishness of the gospel. but,it is sad to feel that our own brothers also laugh. i must have missed something…

  2. I am not laughing at their attempts to share Jesus, i’m laughing that its predictable and that I could call it because i used to be just like them. If i was laughing at them, i would be laughing at myself.

    Why is evangelizing so predictable? Why can i call it from a mile away before it even starts? When i was like them it was because i was awkward in sharing my faith (and still am in many ways). How can we make our faith a regular part of the overflow of our lives instead of awkwardly stumbling through a routine that doesn’t work that often.

    Sorry you thought i was laughing at them as brothers in Christ, that was not my intent. It was quite humerous though to see what i was like first hand.

  3. Lewis never proved the existence of the Christian God without using the Bible. It is an impossibility. He may have proven the existence of some unknown deity, but apart from scripture, the Christian God cannot be “proven”. How does one deduce the character of God from nature? It has never been done nor can it be.

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