Brian McLaren @ Resonate Echo

After a long hard day of work of getting the conference all together I’m looking forward to going to this Resonate Echo gathering with Brian McLaren, I’m glad Resonate jumped on this and got him. So if you aren’t coming to see McLaren because of price, this will make more sense to you and will be a lot more informal. I grabbed this info from Darryl Dash.

Hosts: emergent Canada & Resonate ECHO
Guests: Brian McLaren, you

Date: Sat Apr 8th
Time: 7:30pm ’til we get tired
Where: Richview Baptist Church (1548 Kipling Avenue, Etobicoke, ON)
Added draw: fair trade refreshments
Cost: your time, energy

This relaxed, informal evening follows a full day of The Evolving Church Conference at Tyndale University. Brian, among others, is speaking at this event but we have enticed him to Richview with the promise of an armchair, good company and even better conversation. Although the format is still … er … liquid, we envision far more relational participation than hardcore lecture.


RSVP: Darryl Dash
Questions: Simon Goff

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  1. This is awesome Nathan. When Brian was here in Calgary he was great. Very warm and refreshingly genuine. Too bad only Tom will be there from Westside. ;)

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