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April 20, 20061

I’ll probably just Link to Joe’s blog for any updates on theStory because he seems to be beating me to the punch on everything. Besides he’s a fairly new blogger so he could use the links I’m sure. He just currently posted our logo decision process for theStory (church plant). We’d be interested in your thoughts.

Click Here.

Professor Craig Carter from Tyndale, my old university, posted what I think to be a great post on war and inerrancy. While his point is much focused on the war, I think his point on inerrancy and how it falls short is certainly true for more than just war.

Dan Kimball gives the history of emergent

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  • joe

    April 20, 2006 at 4:24 pm

    beating you to the punch?! online?! wicked. now i feel much better about myself. :)


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