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Here is a job I found posted on a website of a revivalist (still not even sure what the heck that is) that is coming to Sarnia. I’m glad that Jesus didn’t have those kind of expectations when choosing his disciples. I’m glad I’m just going into church planting, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a national youth evangelist team member.

National Youth Evangelist Team Member
Job Description:

Administration and oversight as member of a TSM National Youth Evangelist team. Team member will travel the United States and Canada ministering in youth/young adult conference format to promote Share the FIRE youth program founded by TSM. (for more information about Share the FIRE visit the Share the FIRE web link) Team members also will minister in Sunday services at local host churches where the conferences will be held. Other special speaking engagements are likely on occasion.

Ideal Candidate:
The ideal candidate must be: HUNGRY, HUMBLE, TEACHABLE, AND RADICAL.

Candidate will have completed high school with either a diploma or GED. Additional post high-school training, ministry training, or Bible schooling required. Ideal candidate will have at least one-year experience in youth services (paid or volunteer) and be passionate about youth and youth ministry. Candidate must have personal vision for youth of America and the world and be unashamed of ministering with radical revival style. He/she must able to properly communicate and control youth ranging from 13 – 25 years of age. Must have no criminal history with clean driving record.

Preferably single adult, but not required. Ideal candidate must view this as a ministry rather than a job and possess a healthy, Godly love and grace for youth of all ages and backgrounds.

*Lukewarm, superficial, arrogant need not apply.

Must have strong leadership ability and interpersonal skills, as well as, a high aptitude for organization and administration. Strong communication (verbal and written) skills is a must. He/she must be a self-starter. He/she must have strong working knowledge of all Microsoft Office software, (or willingness and aptitude to learn), as well as, copy machines, fax machines, printers, Internet and multi-line phone system, and all other related software and computer programs, as well as filing systems.

Must possess the ability to relate well with Pastors and other ministers. He/she must be dependable, assertive, and willing to work a varied and invasive schedule. He/she must be willing to travel and flexibility is vital. Individual must be able to work well under pressure and individually, as well as in team environment. This person must have a desire and the boldness to preach, teach, and coordinate, if called upon at any time.

The ideal candidate should have strong creative ideas, abilities, and forethought. He/she must have superior ability to multi-task and excellent follow-through. Must be able to handle high-stress situations and be exceptionally gifted with problem solving skills when dealing with sensitive issues. He/she must be trustworthy and have an understanding of confidential matters.

He/she must have a heart to serve God and man with a hungry, humble, and teachable, spirit.

4 thoughts on “Job Posting”

  1. I wonder how many people read, “Lukewarm, superficial, arrogant need not apply” and thought oh shoot, I guess I’ll have to find something else.

  2. Hey Nathan… I don’t know if we officially met or not (when Paul presented his paper at the pastor’s fellowship), but I know you from there and from his blog. Anyway, I was just looking around here and things look really cool. I thought you might appreciate some of the conversation over here. It’s a ‘diverse conversation’ to say the least, but a productive one, I hope.

    Anyway, have a great day!

  3. I kept seeing the word hungry. I am all the time. Heck Im hungry right now, hmmmm pancakes….. hmmmm. I had a Pogo before bed last night; it didnt really sit well with my stomach this morning. Do you ever get hungry when your stomach doesnt feel too good? I cant until lunch, I made a really good sandwich.

  4. Anyone who thinks that he meets all the criteria for this job shouldn’t dare think about being in the ministry because they’re deluded.

    I feel guilty after reading this.

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