Children Make me Laugh

Tonight Pernell said that I could sleep till I woke up but if I wasn’t up by nine that he would come and get me. I’m not used to all these early mornings. I need to start going to bed a bit earlier to make up for it.

I’ve spent more time with kids in the last week than I have in my entire life. I like it. It was Jacob’s birthday party today, so that was even more kids running and screaming and crying. I figure that I my as well try and understand why the heck Jesus would tell us to be like children and learn as much as I can from them. A few things that I’ve noticed so far:

1. They actually feel bad when they hurt someone that they love.
2. They want to be like their parents and people that they love more than anything else and are completely willing to give up any sort of desire of their own to be more like someone else.
3. They are so innocent and just love to have fun.
4. They can actually dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening, something all of us adults have lost. (I wanted to be like them, so I whipped off my shirt too and started dancing away)
Lucas was dancing with so much passion you would think he was a trained Pentecostal. Look at how his hands are moving upward there, towards the sky. I’ve seen that move before.
5. When they are hurt, they always run to the same person, someone they know that will embrace them no matter what.

2 thoughts on “Children Make me Laugh”

  1. Amen brother! I say more shirtless dancing for everyone! lol Except the women…. Good blog man, I think kids have it right on too dude. What do you think finally ends that childhood part of our lives where we don’t care about what people think? Puberty? High School? The first time someone makes fun of you? If you get time, throw another blog up there and give me your thoughts on that Nathan, I think about that one a lot sometimes.


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