An Old Burnt Church

Nick and I on our way to NT Wright last night found an old church that was sectioned off with lots of no trespassing signs. Of course we must have misread them and thought they said free tour because we found ourselves breaking through the fence and going into it. It was an old catholic church that had been completely burnt to the ground. There was lots of grafitti set all throughout it by now. I took a bunch of pictures to document our fun adventure. Click here to see all the pictures.

4 thoughts on “An Old Burnt Church”

  1. cool pics Nathan but should you really broadcast that you have no respect for authority and can do as you please.

  2. Good question.
    We parked at the intersection where the revival bar is, college and something.
    if you take that ‘something’ road up north a bit its about a block and a half north of the revival bar and its on the left all boarded up.

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