N.T. Wright, Toronto and Beauty

I got to spend some time on the University of Toronto campus for a while in the last few days. It was quite remarkable I might add. I come from Tyndale which consisted of one crappy building and then I moved to York which was very new and modern. It was cool in its own way. There is something though about the history of University of Toronto at Wycliffe that amazes me and leaves me in awe. It also oddly makes me want to study and learn, it puts me in such an environment for learning. The buildings are so old and have so much character that you are always left in awe. This one building where the library was in was probably my favourite. Just look at how beautiful it is.

Old Building @ UofT

Then as I was walking around campus Dom showed me this art exhibit. It was the entire bible taken apart page by page and strewn across a long wall. They were put right beside each other and painted over and scratched and whatever artists do to make it look interesting. It looked really cool so here is a picture of that.

The week in general was good. I got to spend a lot of time with Dom just chatting and him challenging me on theological concepts that I didn’t even know there was theology for. He was always my favourite to go listen to speakers with because when the speaker says something revolutionary (which you would expect nothing less of N.T. Wright) the sounds we make are too fun. I also while I was there met for the first time Jordon Donald who happened to be going back to Hamilton also. We got to go back together and a few hours of some great conversation. I was really glad to have met him and just hear his heart on issues and his passion for Hamilton and the people around him. It was one of the most encouraging conversations I’ve had in a long time.

Overall it’s been a great week and I’m glad I got to go and have the experience. Lots more to come this summer and I can’t wait for it all.

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  1. Odd, it seems we have a few things in common. I greatly enjoyed Tom Wright’s series on Romans 8 [as well as his two sermons, his reflection on biblical preaching, and a few private conversations I was able to snatch with him], and I also greatly enjoy speaking with Jord Donald, who just happens to be my closest friend.

    I’ve been posting some thoughts related to Wright’s lectures on my blog. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

    Grace and peace.

  2. hahaha.. Nathan.. I love those moments when we wonder where these brilliant minds get their stuff. And you are so right.. our funny sounds.. hahah

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