Leaders to Pick/Not to Pick

Mark Driscoll has a great post on different types of leaders for church plants, (i’m sure this is true for more than just plants) and I think it really hits right on for a lot of the experiences that I have had.

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2 thoughts on “Leaders to Pick/Not to Pick”

  1. Just a quick clarification. The articles that you’re seeing posted up on http://www.theresurgence.com are not strictly “posted by Mark Driscoll.” The blog is Mark’s, but the articles are by an ever-growing number of authors from an ever-growing number of sources. They are assembled and regularly added to by the Resurgence staff.

  2. The Resurgence,

    Big deal. He still wrote that particular article. I read it three years ago and it said he wrote it then too.

    What’s your point in your clarification?

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