The Beautiful Sarnia

While I was home for a few days, I got a chance to go under the bridge for fries. That probably sounds weird to anyone who doesn’t live in Sarnia. What that means is I got to partake in the most heavenly french fries ever cooked in one of the most beautiful and relaxing places that I have ever been to. While I was there I took some pictures, and I also drove to the beautiful beach in Sarnia (one of the many) to snap a few more shots of the sun. You can see all the pics here, including the crappy ones. Or click on the pictures below to see some that I thought were the best.






4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Sarnia”

  1. I’ve only been to Sarnia once and nothing I saw there was as beautiful as this. The first pic is my favourite.

  2. Melissa McAllister

    Now this is one reason why I love Sarnia so much. Being down there is definitely my second favourite place to be in the world, next to the beautiful mountain view of South Africa.

    Nice pictures Nathan. They are lovely.

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