Long Weekend

This isn’t just a long weekend because of its name. I live with the Goodyears and we moved houses yesturday. We moved from up on the mountain (big hill) here in Hamilton to downtown. The new house down here is absolutely beautiful and its in a great location to really help out downtown and its only a few blocks from the cafe. We’ve been moving/unpacking a lot the last few days and I am quite sore. I can’t imagine how Pernell feels. I have never met anyone so hardcore about getting things done. He goes to bed in the early morning and wakes up in the early morning only to start doing more.

With all that said, I have been slow on the e-mail replies and the blogging because we don’t and won’t have internet for a week or so at the new place.

A shout-out to Margie, my mother for the summer, its her birthday today, and she doesn’t look a day over 40. She turned 32 and Rachel and I bought her a shirt that said “Damn Straight, I’m good in bed, I can stay there for days at a time” or something like that. She’s great though and this has been an awesome summer getting to know her.

Rachel and I went to a big party in Gage Park last night and there was booths and things set up everywhere. There were thousands of people there and this one booth stuck out. Learn the Bible for Free!!! That is just a teaser, I took lots of pictures and there will be a post coming about that when I have time.

Joe moves into Sarnia next weekend and Dan and Carla get married. It should be a great weekend going home.

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  1. Just in case you’re interested in the search for Bin Laden :), it’s officially been called off. See the article below.

    CIA Reportedly Disbands Bin Laden Unit

    The Associated Press
    Tuesday, July 4, 2006; 11:19 AM

    NEW YORK — A CIA unit that had hunted for Osama bin Laden and his top deputies for a decade has been disbanded, according to a published report.

    Citing unnamed intelligence officials, The New York Times reported Tuesday that the unit, known as “Alec Station,” was shut down late last year. The decision to close the unit, which predated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was first reported Monday by National Public Radio.

    Bin Laden urged Iraqi militants in an Internet message Saturday July 1, 2006 to continue fighting the U.S.-led coalition in Baghdad, or else “all the capitals in the region will fall to the crusaders.” The message also endorsed Abu Hamza al-Muhajer as the new leader for his terror network al-Qaida in Iraq, succeeding Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was killed last month in a U.S. airstrike.

    The officials told the Times that the change reflects a view that al-Qaida’s hierarchy has changed, and terrorist attacks inspired by the group are now being carried out independently of bin Laden and his second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

    The CIA said hunting bin Laden remains a priority, but resources needed to be directed toward other people and groups likely to initiate new attacks.

    “The efforts to find Osama bin Laden are as strong as ever,” said CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise Dyck. “This is an agile agency, and the decision was made to ensure greater reach and focus.”

    A former CIA official who once led the unit, Michael Scheuer, told the Times that its shutdown was a mistake.

    “This will clearly denigrate our operations against al-Qaida,” he said. “These days at the agency, bin Laden and al-Qaida appear to be treated merely as first among equals.”

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