Animated Jesus

This is unbelievable. I can’t believe people do this kind of stuff. An animated Jesus saying “Hey, its me, Jesus.” It’s even worse that this is a ministry for youth. I found this site via Bob Hyatt. He points out also the tagline of the site “This site was created and inspired by God through the Power Of The Holy Spirit.” So everyone, this site should probably be added to the back of your bibles somewhere to access it along with first and second Corinthians.

3 thoughts on “Animated Jesus”

  1. Yes, it’s sad that many Christians don’t understand that ‘inspired’ has a specific theological meaning. They use it loosely, such as when they’re inspired to go get some ice cream.

    I’ll bet if you pressed the webmaster on it (he left his email addy, helpfully), he wouldn’t put his website up there with Paul’s epistles. He’s just blissfully unaware (see Shawn’s recent posting on LoFiTribe about anti-intellectualism in Christian culture).

  2. If you click on “Contact Us” a lovely lady has a conversation with you. I wonder what she is doing Saturday night?

    Also, notice how Jesus’ eyes follow your mouse cursor. Yah…..

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