In New Orleans

It’s 11:45 back in Ontario and it’s 10:45 here in New Orleans. We made it safe and in 21 hours, which isn’t too bad at all. It was a lot of driving but with five people rotating around it isn’t all that bad. New Orleans is pretty wrecked up. Some of the tourist areas are cleaned up you can tell, but ‘cleaned up’ just means that there are dumpsters on the streets with all the garbage in them. So the stench and the feel is still just garbage. We passed through some of the poorer areas on our way here and they were messed up even worse. Garbage covering the streets and in a lot of places you aren’t able to tell the difference between a pile of garbage and someone’s home. Hopefully we will be able to make some sort of impact in our week here. I’ll post some pics I took tomorrow night when I’m a little more relaxed.

2 thoughts on “In New Orleans”

  1. Nathan, thanks for visiting our city. Just so you know, the Quarter usually looks like that- even pre-Katrina. But the rest didn’t. Are you staying through the week? I got to visit Ontario last November thanks to the storm, so it’s nice to have someone from Ontario visit here.

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