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This weekend, three hours after I drove in from an overnight drive from New Orleans, theStory first BBQ of the summer went on. We are having two BBQ’s at Joe’s parents in laws house over the summer to try and build relationships with the people that are going to be attending the church and hopefully get people to build relationships with each other. Overall I think the BBQ was a success, there was a good amount of people there to have good conversation and get to know people a bit better.

The waves were big so that made for a lot of fun on the beach and the hot tub overlooking the beach made for a lot of relaxing time. Ron went behind my back to pick up Rachel and surprise me so that was cool that she could be there for it also. I’m really hoping that our new community continues to get to know each other a lot better apart from these get-togethers and starts to build into each other’s lives without us putting on events. I think when this starts to grow naturally instead of being forced or only happening on Sunday services than I think the community will really start to show signs of being genuine.

Joe posted here about the BBQ also.
Click here to see all the pictures.

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