Spirituality and Technology

I’m currently in a class this year at York that requires me to keep blog entries on my thoughts on the current readings and my interactions with other things in the course. Instead of starting up a second blog just for that I thought I would just add a category and post them on the blog because it is along the same lines of what this blog is about. The class is a forth year class with fifteen to twenty students or so and its called Spirituality and Technology. It looks to be a great class with some interesting discussions along with readings. As soon as my books arrive from Amazon I’ll be adding to this soon.

1 thought on “Spirituality and Technology”

  1. Check out:
    David Noble (1999) The Religion of Technology ISBN:0-14-027916-4
    Martin Heidegger (1977) The Question Concerning Technology ISBN: 0-06-131969-4
    Jacques Ellul (1964) The Technological Society ISBN: 0-394-70390-1

    The critical theorists maintained that war is the natural and necessary means to secure and protect private property. In this, technology is the vehicle to drive war (technology itself then becomes private property).

    So, whereas “the spirit” is free, technology “is” (not?). Even freeware and open access are properties. Falling back to Heidegger’s assertion that technology is not value-free. So then the conflict between values inherent in sprituality and technology. False dichotomy? Can both exist with one not subsuming the other?

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