Links for Sept 22, 2006

Jonny Baker linked to a site that prints your Flickr photos into business cards. I thought it was a cool idea if you want to have 100 different business cards all printed at once. Moo is the site name and since I was a Flickr Pro user I got to try out ten for free, so I’ll let you know how they look.
The Resonate Greenhouse for our section has its next get together over a potluck on Saturday in St. Thomas. Check the site for more details. If you are interested in church planting or trying to figure out all these new forms of church then this is the place for you.
Mike Todd has a great post on Hindusim and Christianity and the mass separation we have made between a Christian and Christ.
Michelle linked to an article called Does God want you to be Rich. I haven’t read it yet, but an article with that title on the front page of Time has got to be interesting.
Jim Wallis has a blog now, and there is more than just him writing on it. It’s only been up for a few days, and already it seems like its going to be a lot of reading. Did I mention i got his book at Value Village for 3 bucks?
My friend Dave sent me this video. Will Ferral is one of my favourite comedians, up there with Stephen Colbert (though for completely different reasons). So here is Will Ferral (I mean George Bush) on global warming.

Some posts that caught my attention this week from The Daily Scribe

Radical Torah | Life and Death

The Talmud comments that the righteous are considered to be alive even after their deaths, whereas the wicked are considered to be dead, even during their lifetimes.

Musings | Transcending Torture

Christians don’t use the cross as the symbol of our faith because we think torture is acceptable. We gaze at it to remember the inhumanity that humans are capable of visiting upon each other.

Shawn Anthony | Rededication to Grow: My Unitarian Universalist Christianity

I am a Unitarian Universalist Christian and that’s my story. It’s a hell of a story too! I’ll be sharing it from this point and on.

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