Links for Sept 26, 2006 | Nathan Colquhoun

Links for Sept 26, 2006

September 26, 2006

Jspot links to yet another hilarious video by Stephen Colbert. This one is all about the Jewish “Day of Repentance” and his response.
Jerry Falwell doesn’t stop. “He was calling Hillary Clinton a demonic figure and openly arguing that God is a Republican.” LA Time has more
I follow this guys photoblog and he does some really cool effects with his pictures. This picture is taken from on the Sheraton in Toronto and it makes the building look like its a toy house.
For all web designers out there, Design Melt Down is probably one of the best sites I’ve seen with archives and well categorized sites from all over the internet that excel in design. It would be a great site to get the creative juices flowing. Honourable mention goes to The Best Designs though not as nicely sorted.