The Kingdom: Larger than Bodies

I’ve been trying to understand better what the kingdom of God is like. I’ve read through the parables, and they all amaze me. Here is a few things that are shaped by the parables that I read that help me understand what maybe the kingdom of God (heaven) is like.

Let us say there is an immigrant from Italy named Tony. Tony however, now lives in Canada. Tony lives in Canada, does all kinds of things in Canada like eat, work and spend time with people. Yet Tony is Italian at heart. His true identity comes from being Italian. When Italy one the World Cup, he was out on the streets dancing. If Italy goes to war, he is out on the streets mourning. Tony lives in a house with his family and his wife is also Italian and only cooks Italian food. Tony also sends his kids to an Italian school and he doesn’t even speak English, he only speaks Italian. How many people would say that Tony isn’t Italian anymore because he lives in Canada?

I think the Kingdom of God works like this. Even though we live in the world. Even though we do not leave the world. We are still kingdom people. We talk kingdom talk. We live the kingdom way. We look at every circumstance through a kingdom filter. We have given our allegiance to the Kingdom, not to the world. Our goal is not to get to Italy….heaven. Our goal is to stay here and to make more people experience the kingdom.

Now if we added to this story a bit. Let’s say that along with Italy comes a bunch of values that they uphold. They go to every major league soccer game that is played in their local city, they finish eating everything that is front of them and they never wear socks. Italy has values, and therefore Tony has the same values no matter where he is because his heart is with Italy. So Tony starts to go to a lot of soccer, eating a bit more and not spending money on socks. Let’s say though that Tony wears socks one day because his feet are cold. This does not mean that Italy has changed; all it means is that Tony isn’t living inside the values of Italy.

I think the Kingdom of God is bigger than just members of the Kingdom. I think it works and is progressed by values of the kingdom like the fruits of the spirit. There are kingdom ways of doing things, and not every kingdom member does them all the time. This is why it’s hard to look at someone and say if they are a kingdom member or not. It’s bigger than just one person here and one person there. God is advancing his kingdom in members and non-members.

The kingdom is a mentality that we hold. It’s a way of life. It’s a different kingdom than that of money, power and sex. To value a kingdom mentality is to value the kingdom. To live a kingdom mentality is to live in the kingdom. Could this be what John was talking about all through his gospel? Some say that the term “eternal life” is synonymous with “kingdom of god” and “kingdom of heaven” in the other gospels. So to live a kingdom mentality is to live in the kingdom which is to possess eternal life.

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  1. It is a simple and very clear in giving a picture of the Kingdom Mentality, we are in the world but not of this world. we belong to the God’s Kingdom and we have to display it to the people around and invite them to the Kingdom. halleluyah, tha was great..

  2. Michael R. Callahan

    Here is a part of my capstone draft for graduate school which can explain some of the Christian Kingdom Mentality.

    The main point of the kingdom mentality is that people are willing to serve and do their best at any task they are assigned. A kingdom is not a democracy. You do not have choices like being a democracy of doing the task or not and you can not pick the tasks you want to do. The independent mind set of a democracy that is driven by ego is not part of the kingdom mentality. The mind set in the kingdom is selfless, that considers others and their needs and feelings. The consideration of ones own actions and the consequences of the actions taken and being responsible for ones own actions is the norm for the kingdom mentality. All who work within the kingdom mentality work towards doing Gods will.

    The kingdom mindset is not driven by pride or ego therefore those who are in authority to lead with the understanding that they equal to those who follow, being separated only by the authority given to them by God. Just before the last supper Jesus took off his outer robe and girthed a towel around his waist and proceeded to wash the feet of his disciples. When he was done Jesus said, You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right because that is what I am. So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you must also wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, so that you may do as I have done to you. Truly, truly I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master, and a messenger is not greater than the one who sent him. If you understand these things, how blessed you are if you put them into practice! (Matthew, Holy Bible, International Revise Version, Mat: Chapter 5: 12-16) Those who follow this know that there is a profound equality between all humans on the earth and that it is God’s will that we serve each other. No one is greater than another person and no one is greater than God. For those who truly believe they are serving God’s will by following orders of those who are place in authority over them. The kingdom mentality is not about the self, it is about working towards the good of others and not expecting anything special in return for doing the job. As stated in the Lords prayer Thy kingdom comes. Thy will be done on earth as it is heaven. (Matthew, Holy Bible, King James Version, Mat: Chapter.6:10) It is the love of others and the love of God in stewardship that can confuse the outsider that we are a bureaucracy instead of a kingdom doing God’s will here on earth as it will done heaven.

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