Engagement Story

So I’m finally engaged. Rachel has always loved kids books and she loves children (though she doesn’t want her own….YES!). So I wrote her a kids book of our story. I tried to rhyme it at first but it wasn’t working so I just started writing and did a lot of editing and tried to make it short and simple. You can read the children’s book here.

Rachel posted about it here.
You can see pictures of the night here that Krista took.

So I invited all our family and some close friends up to the FRWY last night and made sure she was downstairs working with the kids so she wouldn’t know everyone was showing up. I had her blindfolded and come upstairs and I read the story to her with all the FRWY kids sitting around me as I read it. Then I proposed and I think the jumping and kissing meant yes. Then she turned around and her entire family was there along with all her friends. It worked out all as planned. Big thanks to Erin her roomate for getting a lot of Rachel’s school friends together and providing the noisemakers and for just being the most supportive friend out there. Thanks to Krista for taking pictures. Thanks to Melissa for keeping Rachel occupied and working in the children.

So we are looking at May 05, 2007 for the big day. So keep your calendars free then, you’re all invited, you’ll just have to bring some sort of food dish. Ya you heard me. Potluck wedding. Details to come…

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  1. Oh Man.
    This is so GREAT!!!! Grandpa and I are so happy that you will be even more of a family member than you are already, Nathan. What a cool way to propose. We are so happy for the two of you and will be watching the rest of the story from now on. :D I’ve marked the day with big colour and NB’s for May 5th, 2006. Love you both,
    Grandma M_G.
    ((R)) ((N))

  2. Congradulations!! Wow that was so cute.. I watched the slideshow AND read the book.. now I wish I was there. Way to be so romantic : ) I am very happy for you two!!

  3. I love the story, I love the pictures and I love you two!! I’m so excited for you guys! now the question is am i a main dish or a dessert??

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