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This main picture above is in honour of my lovely fiance, Rachel Pede, soon to be Rachel Colquhoun. Wedding plans are well on their way. Most old churches, ok ALL old churches mandate that we use their minister to do the wedding, which sucks because we really wanted to do it in an old sanctuary. There is some beautiful ones in Sarnia. So the process of finding a nice building for the actual wedding is tiresome. Though we did find a place for the reception, the polish hall on Front St and Exmouth St. Potluck preparations are being made and I think we have a cool wedding invite idea.

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  1. Nathan we had the same problem. Everywhere we called was expensive and wanted us to use their minister – regardless of the fact that my parents are both ministers. They didn’t get it. They also wanted me to pay for the use of their musician, even though most of my close friends are musicians. We ended up going to Crossroads (tv station that has a pretty chapel in it) who wanted half of what most of the churches did and were thrilled we had our own minister and musicians. Keep looking, the right place will turn up!

    Good luck!

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