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Shopping for Love

October 20, 20061

Mike Todd is talking about the campaign to help stop Aids with Bono and Oprah. Buy stuff and certain amount of profit goes to help by meds and such. I’m with Mike on his thoughts. It’s depressing to know that we are now using our culture’s defects to market love. If companies really cared about everything that was going on around them “then they would just write a big check to the cause.” (my professor of Spirituality and Technology mentioned someone said this a while back) And its so true. Mike is starting a small campaign that instead of taking $200 and buying a red IPod, so that $10 can go to stop aids we all donate $10 so it will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. So I encourage you all to do this. Click here to read Mike’s post and then donate to his little project.

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  • Mike

    October 22, 2006 at 11:38 pm

    Supposedly a researcher here at UWO has been working since 1987 on a vaccine for AIDS and thinks he finally has one that he is ready to try out on human test subjects. If it’s succesful, it should be out in about 6 years and it’s supposed to be free for all Africans. Not totally relevent, but I thought it was interesting when I read it.


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