Links for October 23, 2006 | Nathan Colquhoun

Links for October 23, 2006

October 23, 2006

Andrew Fulford on his problem with narrative theology. I hope he expands more on this later.

It is simply false to imply the Bible is just a narrative that guides the Church. The Bible is not just a Shakespearian play to be adapted in the 5th act. How does one read Proverbs and say that? Or Deuteronomy? Or Ecclesiastes? At what point in the metanarrative of the Bible does Job fit, or Song of Solomon? Do they fit in at just one point, or are they stories somewhat distinct from the “general story” of the Bible? What about James, in the NT?

Jeremy Duncan on is the Bible perfect.

But the problem isn’t whether the Bible is perfect or imperfect, the problem is really about how we read the Bible. The Bible isn’t a fact book. The Bible isn’t a road map for life. The Bible isn’t factually correct 100% of the time. The Bible isn’t always about real events or real people. The Bible isn’t unbiased by agenda or culture. The Bible isn’t monolithic. The Bible is politically motivated. The Bible is at times primitive. The Bible is myth. And the Bible is difficult

Ok, I’ll link to Colbert one more time. Faith based whistle Blower

“The president cares a lot about the poor; he made a lot of them.”

Here is a crazy image. It is an image of a snowflake that is magnified extremly close, I’d use some sort of number with an abbreviation after it here to explain it but neither you nor I would understand it.
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