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The Daily Scribe – a online community of religious bloggers from all sorts of faith that I had a significant role in as a member of its leadership team has officially shut down (but now apparently its not shut down). I think this is one issue I won’t take a stand on publicly as it seems to be burning bridges all over the place and getting pretty messy and is causing people to act out of emotion. You can read all about the story of what happened in the following links. A few of us have begun a conversation of starting up something similiar in the future, more updates to come if anything will come of that or not.

The Gathering Light | Inside view from who will take care of the site from here on in.

Lo-Fo Tribe | The original creator of the Daily Scribe

Arbitrary Marks | Another leader’s perspective with some history of how it got there.

Making Chutney | the history before the Daily Scribe and the realization that maybe this isn’t much of a surprise from another leader

Way out West | musings from someone outside of leadership.

6 thoughts on “the Daily Changing Scribe”

  1. Man, Shawn Antony sounds like a real dimwit.
    And to think you put so much time in Nathan (with all the others).
    Im glad he thinks God created errors on his website. Another example of someone using Jesus to be an ignorant, bigot asshole.

  2. Ron Smith … You are funny.

    Nathan – I apologize man. Seriously. However, I wish more folk would be honest and really fess up to how much time ya’ll actually did put into this thing. It was my time, mostly.

  3. Nathan,
    Shawn has a new post up about the 500 error and some more explanation, if you want to amend your title and add it to your public summary.


  4. Ron, please don’t leave incriminating and insulting comments on my site anymore.

    Shawn, you put more work into this than anyone else. The project was beautiful looking and full of your touch everywhere. I barely had anything to do with it besides a voice here and there in decisions made. I wouldn’t try to take any of the credit.

  5. Right on Nathan. Yeah, I was not implying that anyone was taking credit, I was just hoping you set people like Ron straight on the details of the situation. Also, thank you correcting his obvious poor taste in proclamation. Carry on Nathan, you’ll do well my friend. Peace.

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