Links for October 28, 2006

This video is absolutely ridiculous I found it linked through Finding Rhythm. It’s a video made from one of Kirk Cameron‘s dudes, Todd Friel, the Way of the Master host and they are completely off base on this one. It pretty much is an attack on the lovely relationship feel good evangelism and saying that their way is the best. It’s also ironically done in the same length of time as a Nooma video by Rob Bell, and is probably ripping into the Bullhorn video that he did. The whole video I think only proves how ridiculous the “Way of the Master” approach really is. I’m a bit sensitive about this because people I care about deeply are quite tied up in it. A few questions to post for Todd Friel that will only make sense if you watch the video: 1. When did Jesus ever call us to be doctors? Isn’t He the doctor? 2. Does anyone you know actually go up to people telling them that they are a caring and sensitive person and asking them to spill their heart up to them on the streets to completely random people? 3. Does getting people saved really consist of nothing more than getting people to cognitively agree with your propositions?
Maria begins sharing pieces of her creative writing process. Her rough draft is beautifully told and I’m excited to keep reading.
One of my favourite things to learn is about Old Testament theology and the way that the Jewish scholar approaches the text and the amazing truths that they share out of it. I stumbled across two great posts today through the Daily Scribe.
Radical Torah talks about Noah leaving the ark: “Reading the story through a psychological lens, I suspect Noah suffered from survivor’s guilt.”
Jspot writes about the Tower of Babel: “A midrash elaborates that the builders are so focused on the glory and fame that the tower will bring to them that they pay no attention when a worker on the tower falls to his death.”
Tim Challies does a review on Can we Rock the Gospel by John Blanchard and Dan Lucarini. The premise of the book is pretty much that “all popular music is rock and all rock is bad.” It was a well balanced review on what I think to be a subject that is so far beyond our times and I’m surprised to see that there is still books written about this. I’m not sure why I’m linking to this, but I guess if it just makes us aware that there are still people out there that are stuck on these issues.

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  1. hey… nothing wrong with that video. it’s actually quite good. it reminds me of all the verses like, “they will know you by your reasoning”… and “reason with your neighbour as yourself…” and “the greatest of these is reason”

    i’ll choose dr. love, because he really cares for me, and therefore comes alongside me and walks with me through life, guiding me toward Truth. i’m not sure who is posing as dr. love, just walking around asking people’s stories (??? that part cracked me up)… i have a sneaking suspicion that it could be dr. journalist disguised as dr. love?

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