Night in Sarnia

Tonight Barry and I went around Sarnia in the rain, with our cameras and tripods to take pictures. It’s not very often I do something with the sole intent to take pictures but I we had a lot of fun. We finished a few destinations, grabbed some 7-11 slurpees, headed back to his house and watched “Thank-you for No Smoking.” I thought the movie was really well done. It was done in a satirical fashion and extremely well done to expose how bad the whole tobacco (and most marketing) corporations really are. Natalie, who is Barry’s wife and three days overdue with their son Parker made us some killer guacamole dip. Here is a few pics…

Casino at Night

Church at Night

See all the pics here

(**despite all the criticism from Pernell, I don’t just show my ‘best pics’ on Flickr, so they are all there even the crappy ones. I’ll get to it eventually, its easier to just select a folder and click upload though. So excuse the fact that you gotta sort through them all to find the gems.)

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  1. Hey Nathan… Great Pictures… I really liked the ones of the church steeple. I like seeing all your pictures on flickr not just the “good” ones because I can see the journey.

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