Links for November 06, 2006

Phil gets nominated and then wins the pastors appreciation award for Grace 105.9 FM. He makes me proud.
Haggard admits to buying Meth. Article Here | Video Here
Driscoll blames the wife. Here is his actual article.
Maria talks about the role judgment plays in our lives and how prevalent it is because of this story.
A warning list by David Fitch on those that would join a missional church gathering. In other words…a warning list for those that would want to join theStory.

3 thoughts on “Links for November 06, 2006”

  1. Awww thats a cute picture at the top.
    Phil just called me to say that he cant make it to your wedding (apparently hes pastor of week in London and his calendar just got crazy busy) so that moves me up in the best man ranking 1 spot. Now I’m in 3rd. So all I have to do is kill the other 2 and I’m in.

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