No Wonder Our Perception of Beauty is Distorted

Because I don’t want much TV I’m a little late on the cool commercials. This one was pointed out to me yesterday and I still can’t get over how well it was done and the kind of truth that is shares.

2 thoughts on “No Wonder Our Perception of Beauty is Distorted”

  1. Wow… I hadn’t seen that one either. Pretty sad to think that there are needs for things like sself-esteem comercials. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey… this video is pretty cool.. i saw it for the first time at church about 2 weeks ago…. the guy showed this video… then showed it again citing words as the video played “you’re ugly…you’re worthless… how can anyone love you”
    he went on to talk about self worth.. and that we are created in God’s image… sometimes we dont think we’re pretty enough or as cool as Big John.. we need to look at ourself in the way God views us… how can we love people as we are instructed to do if we dont even love ourself? anyway.. you get the idea… i dont know why im writing this… but anway… the video is pretty interesting… its causing a lot of talk all over the place… maybe this will be the point at which advertising will begin to change… probably not.. but wouldnt it be really cool if people really did look at beauty a little differently?

    random words of the guy who is bored.. blech

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