Links for November 14, 2006

The Evolving Church (a conference that three friends and I ran in Toronto) happened back in April and 100 Huntley Street took a bunch of footage there and did interviews. Finally, 8 months later, they put some on their show. You can see it below with features by Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, Chris Seay and Pernell Goodyear.

Also in my attempts to convert RM to a YouTube video was able to get the Sarnia Revival footage from a while back on YouTube, I posted about it on television here. so here is that video below also.

Friggin sweet video.
Cool story of some of Joe‘s friends out in Calgary leaving the corporate world to help start an orphanage.
When I went to New Orleans this summer, I was driving down I-75 and it was late and everyone else was sleeping and I looked to my left and there was this massive statue of Jesus coming out of the water. I wish I would have stopped to get a picture, the night shot was hilarious. Someone found a picture though.

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  1. I live just north of that thing. That church spent a fortune on that. They were ridiculed in the local papers for being so indulgent. The pastor lives a mile or so South of the church in a multi-million dollar Spanish villa-style ranch. (Their house matches the church.)

    It has been called, no so affectionately, the Butter Jesus and the Drowning Jesus. When I first saw it, I thought it was some sort of Jesus-themed water slide.

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