Links for November 21, 2006

(via Bob) Remember Kramer from Seinfield? Well he had a little explosion on a stand-up act he was doing and made quite some brutal racist comments. Here is the video of the comments (*Warning, don’t watch if your easily offended). Then here is the video of him apologizing on the David Letterman show. I love a celebrity that can be honest and real and apologize the way he did, he was torn up about the hurt he could have caused people. He seems to be confused and distraught about where all of it came from, if only we all felt that way when we mess up. ABC has a piece on it here.
A girl in my Spirituality and Technology class has a good post on faith and reason and dogma.
Pernell is doing a whole week on the Out of Bounds Church. He’s going through the book, doing an interview with the author, giving away free books and all sorts of other cool stuff. Keep up-to-date daily on it if you can, it should be interesting.
Scrubs is slowly turning into one of my favourite tv shows. I just can’t get enough of the humour and the randomness. You can watch the whole 5 season online here. When your bored just throw one on, you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Links for November 21, 2006”

  1. nathan, thanks for that scrubs link. i have been looking for a way to watch episodes of ‘the office’, and now i’ve found it.

  2. Wow. Michael Richards apology is insane. I was so skeptical, but its so sincere. I like that he doesn’t make excuses for his actions, and is just so self-reflective, and acknowledges that apologizing is not enough and he some real searching to do.
    I agree, definitly an example we can follow.

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