Links for November 26, 2006

There was little interest in Sarnia poverty tour only a few local politicians show up for awareness event. I didn’t know about this was available at all, I’m wondering if it was open to the general public at all?
The link that I posted below for Scrubs recently went dead, so here is the new one. Also every single TV show you can imagine is on this website all for live streaming. Check it out. Every season of every show, its pretty sweet.
So imagine a regular piece of paper from your notebook. Well some guy just invented a way to be able to store 256GB of data on that regular piece of paper.
A High School student has accused a history teacher of crossing the line between teaching and preaching, telling the students that they belong in hell and one of the students was clever enough to tape it.
A President of Christian Coalition of America resigned from his post because his team won’t focus on issues of poverty. “To tell you the truth, I feel like there are literally millions of evangelical Christians that don’t have a home right now,” Hunter said. That’s for sure.
Just to play devil’s advocate. Here is why WalMart matters.
A Buddhist monk cuts of his own penis because he got an erection. Now that my friends is commitment.

2 thoughts on “Links for November 26, 2006”

  1. Nathan, about the Walmart guy:

    Now, I know that the bottom rung of capitalism is not a fun place to be. I wouldn’t want to be there, but I know that it potentially represents a step up for some. The author says:

    “Labor conditions in the developing world may be offensive to the refined sensibilities of some western observers, but ‘bad jobs at bad wages’ are preferable to the relevant alternatives.”

    This is what bothers me though. No one really explains what “bad” is or, moreover why it has to be as bad as it is. Bad is downright brutal in these places, unsafe in every way imaginable.

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