Photoshoot in Sarnia #2

Barry and I went out again this week to snap some more pictures. It wasn’t the only thing I snapped though, I broke two tripods and the third one was broken already. I’ll just blame it on the cold. I also left my big memory card in the memory reader, so I only had about 25 spots on the camera. I am not as happy with them as I was with last time, but I think I got some cool shots. This time we went to the Bluewater Bridge and downtown. We are thinking about making our adventures a monthly thing and inviting whoever wants to come. If your interested, shoot me an e-mail.





  • I absolutely love the last picture in your post.

  • Hey nate! Great shots! I love random street shots like these!

  • Man, those pictures really suck.
    I cant believe your posting them.

  • Great shots Nathan! I have to wonder though how long it is before they pick you guys up for running around the border landmarks in a refinery town with camera equipment in the middle of the night…

  • Ummm ya I’ll have to agree with Ron, those shots suck!
    Whatever! Who knew that Sarnia could be picturesque. I like em, I like em a lot! Next time you should take some shots from the other side of the bridge.

  • My favorite is the second one, and then the first. The third one is somehow inteteresting, but I don’t find the last one interesting at all… sorry ;(

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